5 Reasons why you should travel in the fall

5 Reasons why you should travel in the fall

Related imageFinishing the summer, for most of us, means it’s time to go back to work. However, if you and your partner still have vacation days available, autumn is a good time to travel.

Although it is just after the summer, the summer heat has already passed and the cold weather has not yet arrived, traveling in autumn has its own attractiveness.

Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a couple of weeks abroad, here are five reasons why you should travel in the fall:

1. Cheap, cheap, cheap

First, unlike summer, autumn is not considered “high season”, so you can find great deals on hotel prices and airline tickets. In fact, you may not have to search hard. It is normal in the hotel industry to have a price for the high season and another for the rest of the year.

Simply because it is not high season, you can book a hotel at a reduced price, which makes autumn one of the cheapest months to go on vacation.

2. Perfect temperature

The best thing about autumn is that there is still a lot of sun. After saving money in your accommodation, you can enjoy many of the benefits of summer, but at a very low price.

Although there may still be some occasional hot day, in general, the weather is much softer in the fall, which makes being outdoors more pleasant.

3. Unique landscapes

If you like to be outdoors, autumn is a pleasure for all the senses. From walking in the forest, picking apples, navigating calm waters or walking through parks covered in yellow, orange and red leaves, autumn is a beautiful, picturesque and unique time of year.

Take a road trip or rent a cabin in the woods or in the mountains and enjoy the beauty of autumn.

4. Fewer Travelers = Less Crowds

With fewer people traveling than in summer, autumn means fewer tourists and fewer people. This, of course, means that there are no crowded places or long queues in museums.

With fewer tourists around, it means you have more time to take a great photo of the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon or the Little Mermaid without dozens of other people in your photo.

Lastly, fewer people allow you to be more flexible with your schedule without the risk of stocks running out. You can book tickets for concerts or excursions.

5. Amazing autumn gastronomy

Another advantage of traveling with fewer people is the ease with which you can make reservations in restaurants and taste a fantastic seasonal cuisine.

Mushrooms, squash, cabbage, apples and sweet potatoes are just some of the delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables.

While traveling and looking for dining options, enjoy the flavors of autumn looking for restaurants with seasonal menus. Better yet, look for restaurants that offer tasting menus where you can taste half a dozen dishes inspired by the fall.

Wherever it takes you this fall

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So, will you travel this fall?

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