6 Tips for traveling cheap

The travelers secrets that you did not know

Image result for traveling on a budgetTraveling can be synonymous with experiencing new things, immersing yourself in another culture, exploring, living adventures, rest and social coexistence, depending on what you are looking for.

Surely the sea, the sand and you sitting with a coconut have passed through your mind: the good life without worry or stress.

However, your pocket may sometimes not be as good to materialize that sun and beach thinking and combat stress.

That scenario may be discouraging, but you should know that it is possible to conquer that dream if you learn to travel on a budget.

In the following blog we tell you 6 tips to travel cheap and that your portfolio is not an impediment to give you a vacation.

1. Use applications to rent houses

Accommodation is undoubtedly one of the strongest expenses when you want to travel, because although there are many hotels, it is expensive to pay a room per person and if you have children you must rent an additional one.

When the family is large, the best option is to enter the technology and make use of the applications that exist in the cyber world to search for offers for house rentals.

So is! Renting a house has many advantages, besides not paying extra for the number of people, it is much more comfortable and, when doing the account, you will see that it is cheaper to travel in this way.

You will also save on food, as you will not have to buy at the hotel where you regularly stay when you go to the beach.

You can compare the food in the place where you are and cook in the house you are occupying. The food will yield much more and you will not be so pressured by these expenses.

In this way, you can use the budget in other activities and know much better your travel destination.

Airbnb , for example, helps you get accommodation in different parts of the world, including Mexico.

2. Buy in advance

The key to getting plane, truck or lodging tickets is to buy in advance, even if you are thinking of buying a vacation package that includes everything.

The secret to catching tickets at low cost is to constantly monitor offers on some websites such as despegar.com.mx or bestday.com.mx Buy when you find the lowest prices.

Now that if you do not want to get everything separately, go to travel agencies, believe it or not, often have packages with incredible discounts and some can be paid before the scheduled date for your trip.

In this way, the expense will not be one stroke, and perhaps, even time will give you to save a little more and use it in activities for your trip.

Anticipate, but to everything: look for the activities that you can do for free in the destination you have chosen for your trip.

In Mexico, many museums are free or have a very low cost, especially to your student children.

You can also pay in advance for tourist activities, almost all the agencies that offer tours have discounts if you look in advance.

Search before the holiday date, period in which prices rise to the skies, it is advisable to buy tickets and book your stay at least 4 months in advance.

3. Travel in low season

You may have noticed that during the holiday season (July-August), tourist destinations get cramped worse than the subway at peak hours and, in addition, everything is very expensive.

On the other hand, when you travel in low season prices are much more friendly with the portfolio and by far.

As in this period the tourist activity is very low, hotels and tourist transport companies offer great discounts. A unique opportunity to travel.

In low season you can find offers of up to 40 percent compared to the costs of the high season, which are usually very high.

In addition, vacationing in this season has a great advantage: you will enjoy the place much more and the possibility of avoiding huge concentrations of tourists is less, the attractions will be practically for you.

If you have children, ask permission at school, a couple of days away will not affect them much and they will return with the recharged batteries.

Travel in the low season and you will be surprised how easy and cheap it is to get away from the routine, get to know other places and live new experiences.

4. Buy at the Good End

If there is an ideal time to buy plane tickets, a truck or a travel package, it is in good order.

That’s right, do not just take advantage of this period of offers to buy TV screens that do not fit in your living room or devices that you will eventually throw away, you can also find offers to travel.

Travel agencies usually have promotions for many destinations with discounts of up to 50 percent.

Airlines and hotels also enter promotions and you can get transportation and lodging at very low prices.

Take advantage of the discounts for the good weekend to vacation and better buy the plasma screen on another occasion.

5. Eat the same as the locals

Food is also a fundamental part of your travel budget and if you are not careful you can end up very tight and even starving for the end of your paradisiacal stay.

However, many restaurants located in the main or most popular avenues are very expensive, and sometimes they are a tourist trap, where food is bad and expensive.

The best way to experience local food at a low price is to frequent the same places as the local people, such as markets or food bazaars.

Besides saving a good part of the budget you can feel the atmosphere of the locals and immerse yourself much more in their culture.

As you can see, everything is a matter of applying a little and taking advantage of the opportunities that few see to make your trip cheap.

The money that you save on food can be used for other things, perhaps an excursion or ecotourism activity.

6. Travel Outlet

Another potion to have a vacation without costing too much, is to buy in the travel outlet that takes place in the month of May in Mexico City.

It is a fair where various travel agencies, airlines and even hotels with packages for the whole family and very cheap are presented.

It also includes a variety of destinations for you to enjoy beach, ecotourism and others, all with immense offer of activities to do during your stay.

Start planning your vacations visiting this outlet of travel and that money is not a problem, you will be surprised how cheap it is to visit other corners of the earth.

Using your savings and taking advantage of a credit in traveling is investing in your well-being, since it is about pampering mind and body.

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