A user of Rankia wins the TMS Trading contest and travels to the World Cup

A user of Rankia wins the TMS Trading contest and travels to the World Cup

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The tournament was held while there was good humor in the global economic exchanges. The aversion to risk was very low, which translated into increasing valuations of companies and, at the same time, in stock indices. This period was also characterized by the high sale of safe currencies, such as the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. The US dollar gained strength, which is a consequence of the increasing returns on US 10-year bonds, the discount on future increases in interest rates in the US. And the rising expectations of inflation due to the rising prices of oil and fuels.

In general terms, the market has seen unequivocal trends in the last 3 weeks and it did not take long to look for trend markets. This type of environment is perfect for traders. Choosing the right market and a good investment direction brings tangible benefits.

The winner of the “Trading Start” competition showed a strong attachment to the stock market in his own country. His choice fell on the Spanish IBEX index, which is marked ES35 on the TMS Trader platform. The investor started the competition with a delay of one week. He made the first transactions only on April 30. However, this did not prevent him from obtaining a fantastic result.

The rate of return achieved by the winner of the competition is 284.59%. It is worth noting that among 215 transactions that appeared in the leader’s account, none was at a loss, it means 100% efficiency. All the transactions took place in an instrument (ES35) and had an address: “buy”.

The strategy was relatively simple: buy and maintain. The investor opened the first set of transactions on April 30, the following ones were added on May 2, 4, 7 and 8. They all closed on the last day of the tournament at the same time. The average duration of the transaction was 6 days, 2 hours and 31 minutes. The success in this case was in the simplicity of the strategy.

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