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This year (end of 2015 and early 2016) has been particularly intense for A roof for bees. Thanks to your support, we have been able to integrate six new beekeepers, enthusiasts and bee lovers that we support through hive sponsorship.

Among our new beekeepers, three women, and three men!

A beautiful parity …

Justine, Aude and Isabelle but also Eric, Baptiste and Benjamin joined our network of beekeepers and opened their apiaries to sponsorships.

To discover their portrait, do not hesitate to click on this link:


To access the portrait of the beekeeper or the presentation of the Apiary just click on its name or region.

The family A roof for bees is growing, with a network that is growing and that should soon reach 50 beekeepers throughout France. It is also for us, the opportunity to offer sponsors to sponsor hives on regions on which we were not present:

Corsica, Brittany, or the Lyonnaise Region.

The next step will be to integrate a new beekeeper, or a new beekeeper on the Lille side. And we are also planning to integrate a new partner in the Paris Region, where the hives of the beekeepers members are particularly filling and where we will be able to accompany a new beekeeper.

If you are a beekeeper in the Lille region or in Ile de France, or if you know of it, do not hesitate to contact us!

Once again, we welcome our six beekeepers and wish them a long life with you, godfathers, and with A roof for bees!

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