Who pays the bill when corporate income tax is reduced?

Should corporation tax be 25 or 22 or 15%? It is now going to debate with the launch of the Government’s growth plan. It is about new jobs and the future growth conditions for Danish companies, and here tax is an important part.

It might be more correct to ask the opposite. So – who pays the bill when the corporate tax is set up?

In fact, the Danish corporate tax has increased relatively in connection with the general globalization of the markets. The majority of the countries in which our companies have competitors have, in fact, lowered corporate tax more than Denmark over the last 10 years. Or they already had a lower tax than Denmark.

We pay everyone, both when the corporation tax goes up and down

Of course, all of us are paying the bill, both when the corporation tax goes up and down. There are no others to pay. If corporation tax goes up (relatively or absolutely) then we lose jobs – and that’s what is happening right now!

Conversely, if the corporation tax is reduced, the state loses revenue, and then the money has to go elsewhere. Or you also have to save – as now on cash benefits and SU.


However, if corporate tax is reduced, it is crucial that new jobs are created as well. There is no guarantee that companies will do when the growth climate is acidic, and a recession can lie around the next corner. There is a great risk that the money, at least in the short term, will land on the equity shelf instead.

Link the corporate tax with the number of jobs

Can you imagine that a reduction in corporate tax was linked to how many employees a company has? One can argue that a company that has many employees pays much tax through the income tax system. So the more employees the less corporation tax? Read the answer here https://offshorecitizen.net/tax/corporate-income/.

Then we should “just” discuss where the level should lie. It is also difficult enough, because our European neighbors have tax levels as low as 0%, and you can’t imagine that in Denmark?

However, an invitation must be to secure the new companies, our entrepreneurs, better conditions of the establishment – including conditions for tax payment. It can be here that most of the jobs of the future are stored.

Travel to Morocco

Travel to Morocco

Morocco is a charming country, with many contrasts where the visitor emerges in a world of fantasy, colors and flavors unmatched.

Traveling to Morocco is to live a unique experience that will leave a mark on you.

Traveling in Morocco for 12 years I have discovered a country with incredible people, a beauty in its streets and architecture that will leave you surprised.

Below you will find some practical information to prepare your trip to Morocco and if you have any questions, contact us. We will be happy to assist you, pack your bags and enjoy an incredible vacation. Let yourself be carried away in the Kingdom of a thousand and one nights …



This is a travel blog to Morocco, here you will have all the necessary information to prepare your trip to Morocco with tips for traveling, ideal time, where to eat, what to visit. All so you can get the most out of your trip.

We are experts in Morocco, we are always traveling all over the country and we would like you to enjoy it as we do. There is much to discover, its architecture, its food, its people. Spend the night in the incredible dunes of Merzouga, visit the impressive Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca, or visit the Djema el Fna square in Marrakech at night. they are unique experiences, in addition to the blue medina of the Chaouen mountain village. or discover the medina of the city of Fez Morocco. All Morocco, from North to South. Each city has its uniqueness, but we know that you will enjoy it very much. It will leave a mark

All this makes Morocco a unique and unforgettable country. In addition to cultural tourism, it offers beach sites, places for hiking, honeymoon, family travel, with friends, in groups or privately. There are many options.

Morocco is unique and awaits your visit.

Canaries, those who have less intention to travel and less money will spend

Canaries, those who have less intention to travel and less money will spend

85% of the Canaries plan to dedicate some money to travel this year, which is the lowest percentage of the country, and the Canary population is also the one that will spend less money in this activity, 600.96 euros on average per traveler, according to data from the ‘IV Study of Online Comparison towards Smart Saving’, carried out by Rastreator.com (www.rastreator.com).

For most Spaniards, holiday periods are synonymous with travel, one of the most appreciated activities and in which they invest a greater amount of money each time. Precisely, according to the INE, the total expenditure of 2016 associated with this activity increased by 9.1% compared to the previous year and stood at more than 41,388 million euros.

There are many, and increasingly, Spaniards who try to make a break throughout the year, with summer being the preferred season for it; In fact, more than half of the population (51.1%) travels during this time. In the case of the Canary Islands, 41.9% of Canaries travel during the summer months and 88.2% would like to travel more often, but can not afford it economically.

Although the majority chooses the months of high season, the destination and duration of the holidays depend to a large extent on the budget of each traveler. According to the study, 42.6 million Spaniards are planning to travel this year, that is, 91.8% of the population will spend money for this purpose. On average, the amount budgeted for it amounts to 824.38 euros.

As far as budget for travel is concerned, young people between 25 and 34 years are those who have the greatest intention to travel and who will spend the most money. Practically the whole (95.7%) will dedicate some money to this activity during 2017, with an average of 947.12 euros.

Although young people between 18 and 24 years old are also one of the age brackets with the greatest intention of allocating money to travel – with 0.7 points of difference compared to the directly superior – the average budget of this generation reaches 577 euros, well below the rest.

On the opposite side are adults aged 55 to 65, since only 88.6% plan to spend some money on travel this year, but the budgeted average reaches 963.7 euros, the highest amount of all generations.


There are destinations and trips for all tastes, but all agree on an important point: traveling makes them happy. This is affirmed by 88.6% of Spaniards; However, for the majority it is an important economic effort, since they concentrate in a few days a great part of their budget destined to the leisure of all the year.

According to the study by Rastreator.com, 35.7% spend a large part of their annual budget to travel. This percentage varies depending on the age of each traveler and the responsibilities associated with each of them. Thus, almost half of young people up to 34 years (46.5%) can and spend a large part of their annual budget to travel, and this percentage decreases as the age increases –31.6% adults between 35 and 44 years and 28.7% between 45 and 54 years old – but again it grows up to 32.5% in adults over 55 years old.

The price is a key conditioning factor when it comes to travel and is the variable that most travelers take into account when deciding on one option or another. In fact, the economic factor is so important that 81.4% of the population affirms that they would like to travel more often but can not afford it economically.

The CEO of Rastreator.com, Fernando Summers, concludes that traveling “is so important for Spaniards that it is not surprising that this is their main reason for saving and one of the main causes for which they are indebted, taking into account that a a high percentage of the population (62.7%) affirms that they only travel if they can afford a certain comfort “.

“Due to the importance of the economic factor in travel, it is essential to make a good search and comparison of the available options, to know those that are economically within our reach and that conform to what we want,” he adds.


At the regional level, it is possible to observe notable differences in the number of travelers and in the budget allocated to it. Thus, Extremadura is located as the Autonomous Community with the largest number of people who plan to travel in 2017 – 95.6% plan to spend some money this year – followed by Andalusia (94.1%), Castilla-La Mancha and the Community of Madrid (both with 93.8% of travelers).

On the opposite side are Canarias (85%), Comunidad Valenciana (86.8%), País Vasco (89.8%) and Cataluña (90.6%) as the regions with fewer travelers in 2017.

As for the budget when traveling, those communities with fewer travelers (Canary Islands and Valencian Community) are also the ones that will spend less money on this activity. Specifically, each Canary traveler will spend 600.96 euros on average and each Valencian 647.92 euros, the lowest values ​​in the country.

However, the third region that will spend the least on travel this year is Andalusia, with an average of 691.6 euros, which means that despite being one of the communities that travelers have the most foresight, those who will do it They plan to spend little money on it.

On the opposite side in terms of budget to travel, Madrid is located as the Autonomous Community that will spend more on travel this year, with an average of 1,090.26 euros per Madrid. Followed by this, are Catalonia (909.03 euros), Murcia (901.86 euros) and the Balearic Islands (894.05 euros).

Prepare your car before traveling

Prepare your car before traveling

Prepara tu coche antes de viajar. Sigue los consejos de FerratumDo you need money urgently to make some repairs? You still have not passed the ITV , do you have to do an oil change or put new wheels? Ferratum gives you the solution. Ask for an easy and fast credit and feel safe. Take advantage of our offers and enjoy instant loans . Get your money now!

Now come the most anticipated days of the year, those in which you give yourself a time to rest and to live together with yours thousands of special moments, without stress, under the sun, on the beach or in the mountains, where you choose.

There’s nothing left for you to enjoy your vacation!

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Do you have everything prepared? The place of destination, the hotel, the clothes, the accessories, the documentation … And the car ?

The trip is one of the most important elements of the holidays. It depends on your family, friends and you come to your place of rest and fun. It is essential that the vehicle is comfortable and above all safe.

Has your car passed the ITV ? Have you already solved that small problem that can be giving you so much? Does the vehicle have a powerful air conditioner to withstand the heat of these days? All these issues are very important. Do not forget that your safety and well-being depend on it during the journey!

And if you’re letting it go by not being able to afford more expenses …

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The holidays are a highly anticipated stage throughout the year and for this reason we must take care of every detail, every moment and every situation. If you are passionate about driving and enjoy road trips you should prepare your car so that the journey is as light and comfortable as possible. And why not … you can also treat yourself and make it beautiful! Do you want to show off your car with your family and friends? Move around the streets of your favorite city in a car that looks new? Well do not imagine too much, make it happen! Go to your trusty workshop and change the color of the car or add new tires. Ink the back moons so that sunlight does not bother you or change the upholstery . And the music team ? Have you thought that on a long trip it is very important to be clear and wide awake? Listen to your favorite music and not only will you enjoy a much more enjoyable trip, you will also avoid falling asleep at the wheel! Get a powerful music system with which to have a great trip.

Do you have to pass the ITV before going on vacation? Do you want to do it for safety? Well, here we leave you all the information you need to know:


-When should I pass the ITV?

This data depends on the vehicle. Depending on the type the vehicle will have a shorter or longer period without the need for inspection. Here we leave you a small list:

1. Cars and motorhomes. Ambulances and public service vehicles : These vehicles have up to 4 years, in which they are exempt. From 4 to 10 years, the review is biennial, that is, it must be passed every two years. And vehicles that are more than 10 years old, must go through an annual review.

2. Mopeds: They can be up to 3 years without passing the ITV. If the moped has more than 3 years old, it must pass the review every two years.

3. Motorcycles : If the motorcycle is new it can be 4 years without passing the ITV. With more than 4 years old, the inspection will be biennial.

4. Rental vehicles and driving schools: Exempt up to 2 years. From 2 to 5 years the review must be carried out annually. If the vehicle has more than 5 years, the ITV will be passed biannually.

5. Buses and coaches: If they are less than 5 years old, the inspection must be done annually. If they have more than 5 years old, the ITV will be passed on a semi-annual basis.


What is the cost of the review?

The price of this mechanical revision ranges from 30 to 50 euros , in addition to adding the cost of serious defects that you must repair within 15 days, so that your car can continue to circulate.

According to the autonomous community, the amount to be paid varies. And it also influences the type of fuel in the vehicle, in those who use gasoline, for example, there is another factor to take into account that is the catalyst, vehicles without gasoline catalyst will have a lower price.

The prices that we are going to show are approximate, correspond to the rates of the year 2014, so they are merely indicative.

In Andalusia are 30 euros if it is gasoline and 40 diesel if the car has more than 1600cc if it has less gasoline are between 22 and 26 and diesel 30 euros.

In Aragon between € 31 and € 35 gasoline and diesel cars about 45 euros.

In Asturias the price is 34 euros for all types of vehicles.

In the Balearic Islands between 24 and 32 cars with gasoline and between 46 and 48 diesel vehicles.

In the Canary Islands between 27 and 32 gasoline and € 40 diesel.

In Cantabria the price of the ITV for a gasoline car is between 34 and 43 euros, diesel 48 €.

In Castilla la Mancha between 27 and 35 euros gasoline vehicles and 45 euros diesel.

In Castilla y León the price for gasoline cars is between 37 and 46 euros. For diesel 55 euros.

In Catalonia the ITV for gasoline vehicles costs between 35 and 36 euros and for diesel cars 41 €.

In Ceuta gasoline cars between 31 and 43 euros and diesel € 52.

In the Valencian Community ; gasoline between 33 and 40 €, diesel € 51.

In Extremadura, the price of ITV does not vary, it is the same for both gasoline vehicles and those that use diesel. The exact price is € 26.19

In Galicia pass the ITV if your car is gasoline will cost between 30 and 35 euros, and if you use diesel € 43.

In the Rioja; Gasoline: € 31.47 Diesel: € 40.86

In Madrid; gasoline: € 36 diesel: € 52

In Melilla the revision for gasoline cars costs between € 27 and € 32 and for diesel cars € 37.

In Murcia the ITV for gasoline cars go between 23 and 35 euros, and for diesel cars between 40 and 49 euros.

In Navarra the price is the same for all vehicles: € 29.40

In Basque Country the price is also the same regardless of the type of vehicle: € 42.83


What is the price of fines for ITV?

Circular without ITV can leave you more expensive: Besides having to pay a fine between 200 and 500 euros, it is dangerous to drive in these conditions.

These are the sanctions that you face:

Fine for ITV expired : 200 euros.

Fine for not passing the ITV : 200 euros.

Fine for circulating with a negative ITV : 500 euros

Calculate how much money you need and enjoy your rest days!

Live your trips safely and comfortably.

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What should I know before traveling to Iran?

What should I know before traveling to Iran?

Before traveling to Iran, the first thing to do is remove the prejudices from the suitcase. The Islamic Republic is a diverse country in every way. From the landscape to customs or religion. From the misty forests of the north to the deserts of the south, from secularism to the most rigorous Islam. If we travel based on this idea, we will have the opportunity to discover a society that welcomes its visitors with an overflowing hospitality and a country still free of mass tourism with one of the most spectacular historical heritages on the planet. But first, there are never a few tips before you leave .

Dress Form

This is one of the issues that most worries travelers. Iranian legislation prohibits women from showing themselves in public without wearing a veil. This law serves the same for foreigners, so to visit Iran, tourists must put it on. Regarding the rest of the feminine dress , the clothes should not be too tight or transparent . The upper garments should cover the buttocks and the sleeves can not be short , although they can be three-quarters or rolled up. You can wear a long skirt, tight pants are allowed as long as the top garment covers the buttocks, and should not leave the calf in sight. Men can wear short-sleeved clothes, but not suspenders.

Nor are they allowed to wear shorts or ‘pirates’. Regarding footwear, there is no problem with wearing sandals, although in some mosques you can ask visitors to cover their feet, so it is advisable to always carry some socks in the backpack. We can also find that in some religious places women should wear chador, but usually they are distributed free of charge to the door of the temples and can be returned at the exit.

Way to travel

Since June 22, it is much easier to travel to Iran, since the airline Mahan Air offers direct flights between Barcelona and Tehran twice a week. In five and a half hours, one can plant at the Ayatolá Khomeini international airport. Other companies also offer options with scale, most with stops in Istanbul.

But before boarding the plane, you have to decide what kind of adventure we want. Are we prepared to travel alone or do we prefer an organized trip ? Both options are possible. For those who prefer to take a relaxed trip in which they only have to worry about getting up on time and taking pictures, various agencies such as Iran Travel organize from traditional group trips to more personalized options.

Traveling by free is also relatively easy . Iran is a country with good communications, internal flights operate regularly and are cheap, bus transportation between large cities is modern and convenient, and in recent years the government has put its efforts into increasing the rail network. The roads are decent although the drivers say they are … daring. Therefore, if you decide to travel by car, it is advisable to hire a driver .

To move around the city you can use public transport without problems , remembering that men and women travel separately (although they usually turn a blind eye to tourists). In large cities such as Tehran or Mashad there is a metro network, and public bus lines also work well. The taxi is also another affordable option , but you have to be prepared to share a trip and to understand the system. In Iran, taxis are distributed by zones, so there may be drivers who stop you and, when you check that you are not going anywhere, pass them by. The rate is fixed before uploading .


There are basically two ways to get the visa. Making the arrangements through a specialized travel agency or at the airport once we have landed. We could do the papers ourselves, but if the visa is requested before the trip, we will have to request the help of one of these agencies, yes or yes, to obtain the authorization code.

To obtain the visa before the trip you must have filled out an application form, have the authorization code, two passport photographs (women do not need to be photographed with veil), travel insurance, the bank’s receipt as they have been paid the corresponding 120 euros and a passport with a minimum of six months validity and three free pages. These documents will be sent to the embassy and may take between 20 and 15 days.

We can also make arrangements when arriving at the airport , for what we need, in addition to all the previous documents, a return ticket and a receipt for a hotel reservation. It is a cheaper visa (about 50 euros), but we risk not being granted, although it is unlikely.

Keep in mind that the passport does not have an Israeli stamp . If this is the case, we can always renew the passport. And we are going to travel to Israel before we go to Iran, at the airport we will have to indicate to the officials that they put the entry stamp on an attached sheet, which they will remove when leaving the country.


The official currency in Iran is the rial . The change for 2017 is approximately 35,000 rials for each euro . However, Iranians usually indicate prices in Tomanes . It is simply a different way of calculating the prices used for daily purchases or in the bazaars. Always ask if the price you indicate is in rials or tomanes to avoid unpleasant confusions. 1,000 tomanes would equal 10,000 riyals . That is, to know what is the price in rials simply add a zero.

The use of foreign credit cards is very difficult and only some large hotels and store with accounts abroad offer this option. Therefore, it is recommended to bring cash . To change money we will easily find offices at the airport, banks or hotels. If you prefer to carry a card, there is the option to buy a ‘prepaid’ before the trip that can be purchased without extra cost in Iran Travel.

Is it a safe country?

Completely. In Iran it is common to find platforms for charging mobile phones at the entrance of hotels and restaurants. People put their devices to charge and they will enjoy dinner quietly. Can you imagine an equal scene in Barcelona? So tranquility , it would be very rare to suffer a robbery, much less an assault.

It is true that Iran is at a complicated geopolitical point, but in this sense it is one of the most stable and safe countries in the Middle East. Despite the fact that last June the Islamic State attacked in Tehran, the terrorist attacks are anecdotal .

What to expect from the people?

Only good things. The Iranians are the epitome of cordiality and knowing how to be . It is common for them to approach with a smile if they see a stranger and ask him where he comes from, if they are enjoying their country or what places they have visited. But far from being heavy, after asking some questions and being interested in travelers, they want a happy stay and continue on their way. Not without first saying “please, speak well of Iran.” There will be nothing that makes them happier than asking them if we can take a picture with them.

It does not happen in all cases, but conversations with strangers can end with an invitation to dinner. If this happens, do not hesitate and enjoy the Persian kindness. They will have guaranteed a tasty meal and a pleasant conversation.

What to expect from the accommodation?

The Iranian hotel offer is varied and for all budgets . Travelers can easily find accommodation that suits their tastes. Of course, we must bear in mind that perhaps the quality with which we find ourselves is not always the one that would correspond to the stars. However, these are clean and well-equipped establishments.

If what we are looking for is to stay in truly authentic places, Iran has a wide range of ‘charming little hotels’. In cities such as Kashan or Yazd it is common for old palaces to be converted into hotels . With its vaulted ceilings, beautiful Persian rugs and interior patios with fountains and plants, spending the night in one of these houses is an unforgettable experience. These establishments usually offer typical breakfasts based on fresh bread, tea, fresh cheese and homemade jams.

The traveler can also find shelter in the old Caravanserais , the accommodations that were built along the silk route . Currently, some of them are being restored and serve as a hotel. Sleeping in the same rooms as travelers on the famous trade route that connected China to Europe is priceless, although the portfolio may suffer a bit.

What do you eat?

Most products of Iranian cuisine are familiar to those following a Mediterranean diet . Lots of rice, meat, aubergines, legumes and excellent dairy products. Iranians love pickles and bittersweet flavors (like pomegranate sauce) and food is not especially spicy or spicy.

In the restaurants we will easily find different varieties of the tasty Persian kebab , served as a skewer and accompanied by fresh bread. The Bademjan , a stew of eggplant and tomato, is also another dish of the most common, as well as the Tahchin , a kind of crispy rice. Soups, salads, rice of all kinds … nothing that is excessively exotic for our palate.

What things can I buy?

Everything depends on the budget. Although not everyone can afford a Persian carpet or beluga caviar, being native products, they are cheaper than bought at home. The carpets are rooted in the Iranian culture as in no other country, each region has its own styles, and are considered one of the most precious assets of the houses. The caviar trade is managed by the government and can easily be found at airports. There are ways to get it a little cheaper, but for this you have to have a local trusted contact.

In a more modest price range (although do not expect bargains), Iranian pistachios and saffron are products that enjoy a great reputation. There are different qualities and flavors, buying a specialized store can be a sensory experience. The Sha mosque seen from Ali Qapu Palace, in Isfahan (Marina Meseguer)

Another typical product is the printed fabrics (or qalamkar) of Isfahan, which can be found in the bazaars of the city. These are cotton fabrics on which are printed floral motifs of various colors with different wooden molds. The Persian miniatures painted on camel bone (they are more expensive, but much more resistant than those of cow bone or plastic) are other of the elaborate crafts that the country offers. Their teachers have workshops open to the public in which they teach their latest creations and explain their complicated drawing technique.

Customs that should be known

In Iran alcohol is forbidden , so you better get used to the idea that there will be no fresh beer after a long day of sightseeing. For those who can not live without it, it is easy to find beer without alcohol, although they are not very successful. Instead, you can always have a tasty tea with saffron flavored sugar rocks, rich fruit juices or fresh rose water. Of course, being a Muslim country, we will not find pork on the menu either.

Although the government is increasingly permissive, expressions of affection in public are not recommended . In Tehran, it is increasingly common to see couples walking hand in hand, but kisses, hugs and other kind of cuddles better leaving them for privacy.

The Agha Bozorg mosque in Kashan

The arrival of tourists has forced the shopkeepers of the bazaars to accept bargaining. But without going over, we are not in Istanbul or in Marrakesh and we run the risk of offending them and sending us to walk if we force the machine too much. We must also bear in mind that, although we are in a country with a lower standard of living, the price difference is not that great .

Previous readings

A trip through Iran is not tasted the same without having read some local literature. The Persian culture is pleased to have great classical poets such as Hafez, Ferozi or Khayyam, whose poems are known and recited by any Iranian. But if we prefer a slightly lighter reading there are some books that are certainly worth it:

Persepolis: The famous graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi in which she relates from her childhood during the Islamic Revolution to her difficult adolescence and early youth in Europe far from her own is an excellent first contact with the country.

The House of the Mosque: This delightful novel by Khader Abdolah tells the life of the powerful family of Aga Yan, a carpet merchant in the quiet city of Seneyán, and how little by little the clan and its house are witnesses of the enormous social change that the country lives between the sixties and seventies.

Read Lolita in Tehran: Azar Nafisi recalls in these pages the attempts to instill his love of English literature to the students of the Tehran University during the Islamic Revolution and the intimate relationship he weaves with a group of students with whom he forms a club of clandestine reading.

Black on black: The country may have changed a lot since its trip to Iran in 1996, but the testimony of Ana Maria Briongos is still one of the most famous trips on the country. The author links her memories as a student of Persian in the days leading up to the revolution with her impressions of returning to the country twenty years later.

The Shah or the excess of power: In 1980 the famous Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski traveled to Iran with the intention of recomposing the puzzle that explains the fall of the Pahlavi dynasty in an investigation that leads him to interview some of the witnesses of the last days before the revolutionary outbreak.

5 Reasons why you should travel in the fall

5 Reasons why you should travel in the fall

Related imageFinishing the summer, for most of us, means it’s time to go back to work. However, if you and your partner still have vacation days available, autumn is a good time to travel.

Although it is just after the summer, the summer heat has already passed and the cold weather has not yet arrived, traveling in autumn has its own attractiveness.

Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a couple of weeks abroad, here are five reasons why you should travel in the fall:

1. Cheap, cheap, cheap

First, unlike summer, autumn is not considered “high season”, so you can find great deals on hotel prices and airline tickets. In fact, you may not have to search hard. It is normal in the hotel industry to have a price for the high season and another for the rest of the year.

Simply because it is not high season, you can book a hotel at a reduced price, which makes autumn one of the cheapest months to go on vacation.

2. Perfect temperature

The best thing about autumn is that there is still a lot of sun. After saving money in your accommodation, you can enjoy many of the benefits of summer, but at a very low price.

Although there may still be some occasional hot day, in general, the weather is much softer in the fall, which makes being outdoors more pleasant.

3. Unique landscapes

If you like to be outdoors, autumn is a pleasure for all the senses. From walking in the forest, picking apples, navigating calm waters or walking through parks covered in yellow, orange and red leaves, autumn is a beautiful, picturesque and unique time of year.

Take a road trip or rent a cabin in the woods or in the mountains and enjoy the beauty of autumn.

4. Fewer Travelers = Less Crowds

With fewer people traveling than in summer, autumn means fewer tourists and fewer people. This, of course, means that there are no crowded places or long queues in museums.

With fewer tourists around, it means you have more time to take a great photo of the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon or the Little Mermaid without dozens of other people in your photo.

Lastly, fewer people allow you to be more flexible with your schedule without the risk of stocks running out. You can book tickets for concerts or excursions.

5. Amazing autumn gastronomy

Another advantage of traveling with fewer people is the ease with which you can make reservations in restaurants and taste a fantastic seasonal cuisine.

Mushrooms, squash, cabbage, apples and sweet potatoes are just some of the delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables.

While traveling and looking for dining options, enjoy the flavors of autumn looking for restaurants with seasonal menus. Better yet, look for restaurants that offer tasting menus where you can taste half a dozen dishes inspired by the fall.

Wherever it takes you this fall

Wherever you want to go this fall, remember that Ferratum Money can help you get there.

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So, will you travel this fall?

Incredible travel deals that you can only get today

Incredible travel deals that you can only get today

nullIf you want to travel during the next days, weeks and even months, you can not miss this article , in which we present you the best travel deals of this Black Friday . Get ready to discover incredible and especially attractive proposals.

Some of these bargains , which are presented in the form of cheap prices , discounts or redeemable bonds , are for today Friday, but many of them will be available until next Monday, popularly known as Ciber Monday.

To make your search easier, if you are hunting for something more specific, you can consult the specific offers we have collected for you in different articles : flights, hotels, rental cars … We are convinced that you will not be disappointed. Take note … and hurry!

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Air Europa offers discounts of 30% through Skyscanner to fly until June 16, 2017, using the BLACKFRIDAY and CYBERMONDAY discount codes, which are available from Monday through Monday at this link. The promotion does not apply to flights between islands and excludes the following dates: from December 16 to January 9 (Christmas) and from April 7 to 17 (Holy Week).

RUMBO: Discounts of up to 75% on hotels, holidays, flight packages + hotel

The portal offers from today to Monday offers of hotels, vacations, flight packages + hotel, whose discounts can reach 75% (reservations confirmed today will have a gift bag ), and discounts of € 150 on cruises.

In addition, the agency offers today only a discount coupon of € 25 valid on all i / v flights and on one-way flights with reservations with two or more passengers whose amount is equal to or greater than € 200. To access the promotion, available on Rumbo.es it will be necessary to enter the code that appears on the website. The offer is limited to the first 1,000 reserves.

MELIÁ HOTELS INTERNATIONAL: Discounts of up to 50%

Offers of up to 50% discount on reservation of Meliá hotels , to travel from December 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, in reservations made before midnight on November 28. The discount varies depending on the hotel and the dates chosen. You can also get up to 20% discount on the so-called “credit resort” (vouchers to spend on hotel services). Reservations can be made through the special website for Black Friday.

DESTINY: Discount coupon redeemable up to € 100 per booking and € 5 direct discount on flights

Travelers confirming the reservation of a trip today Friday will receive by email a discount coupon of up to € 100, valid to exchange until September 30, 2017 in the purchase of another holiday package exceeding € 500. For reservations between € 350 and € 750: € 10 discount; between € 750 and € 1,000: € 25; between € 1,000 and € 2,000: € 50, and in bookings over € 2,000: € 100 discount.

Destinia also offers an immediate discount of € 5 on air tickets using the BLACKFRIDAY coupon during the booking confirmation process through this page. The promotion is only available today.

EL CORTE INGLÉS TRAVEL: 8 days Mediterranean cruise for € 179

The agency offers a cruise for 8 days in the Mediterranean for € 179 , with discounts that reach 21% . The ship Diadema departs from Barcelona and visits Civitavecchia (Rome), La Spezia (Cinque Terre), Marseille, Palma de Mallorca and Savona in Genoa. The offer, available until November 28 , can be formalized through the Viajes El Corte Inglés website or by calling 93 316 15 08 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Buque Costa Diadema saliendo del puerto de Roma (Italia)

EXPEDIA: Discounts of up to 75% on hotels and discount coupons

The promotion of the portal includes only today Black Friday special coupons for selected offers, up to 75% discount in certain hotels and 450 € less in flight + hotel packages , to travel before March 31. Check the promotion here.

PETIT PALACE HOTELS: Up to 20% discount on all your hotels

The 31 Petit Palace hotels have up to 20% discount in their rooms if booked, through their website, in reservations made until Monday, November 28. For registered customers there is a minimum 10% more discount.

EXOTICCA: Discount of € 50 exclusively for readers of LaVanguardia.com

The agency offers € 50 discount for LaVanguardia.com readers in the following packages: End of the year in India: 11 days in Rajasthan, (initial price of € 1,315) and Finland: 5 days in Lapland and the Arctic Circle (initial price of € 1,165). To benefit from the promotion it is essential to enter the code: VANG50 . Offer available today from 9 in the morning until Monday, November 28 at 7:00 p.m.

TURKISH AIRLINES: Flights from Spain to Istanbul for € 179 i / v

The offer of the Turkish airline includes flights to and from Istanbul from any of the five Spanish airports from which it operates ( Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona ) for € 179 round trip to travel from January 10 to March 31. March 2017. The promotion, which starts today, will be available until December 11 on the Turkish Airlines website.

SECRETESCAPES: Exclusive discounts from 50%

The online travel club Secretescapes, specializing in flash sales of hotels and holidays with exclusive discounts, offers a selection of hotels with discounts from 50% that will be available during the 24 hours of Black Friday . (Registration is needed)

For example: the Regency Torviscas (Tenerife) an apartment with access to the spa, from € 75 a night, for stays of four nights or more; the Jazz Barcelona hotel, with a superior room reservation from € 95, or the Bonalba Alicante Hotel, in a Deluxe room, from € 61 per night, with a minimum of two nights

ATRAPALO: Discounts of between 15% to 20% on flights + hotel, hotels and flights

The agency offers today offers of hotels, flights and flights + hotel with flexible dates with discounts of between 15% and 20%, in Atrapalo.com. Next Monday, Ciber Monday , the agency will also offer closed circuits, accessible from the same link. Between them, they emphasize: 8 days in Egypt 497 € eo 8 days in Jordan, by 1.200 €.

WEEKENDESK: Minimum discounts of 30% on short breaks

The portal offers up to Monday getaways in Spain and Europe (France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Holland) with a 30% discount as a minimum: relaxing packages, romantic and with activities, among other proposals, especially indicated for the bridge of December. It will also launch other during these four days exclusive offers in newsletters to its database with discount code . Check in Weekendesk.es.

Bicicletas frente a un canal de Amsterdam

NORWEGIAN: 30% discount on all short-haul routes originating in Spain

The Norwegian low cost offers discounts of 30% on the 147 short-haul routes originating from Spanish airports to travel between December 1 and March 25, 2017 (the period between December 16 and January 9 is excluded) ). The promotion, which will only be valid for 24 hours (from midnight to midnight Friday to Saturday), is available on the Norwegian website.

WHAT HOTELS: Discounts of up to 20% in packages

Travelers can benefit from up to 20% discount on packages of national destinations, getaways, leisure and Caribbean that are reserved until November 28. The offer is accessed through this page.

WIMDU: € 25 voucher to all subscribers to the newsletter

WIMDU wants to compensate its subscribers with a promotion, only during Black Friday, with a voucher of 25 euros to all the subscribers of its newsletter. In addition, some lucky ones chosen at random, will have 50 euros instead of 25, but they will only know it at the time of making the reservation and put the voucher code in the corresponding box. See Wimdu.

EDREAMS: € 10, € 20 and € 40 discount

The online agency offers discounts of € 10, € 20 and € 40 only on Friday when booking flights and flight + hotel packages using the code: BLACKFRIDAY EDREAMS . Check in this link.

COSTA CRUCEROS: Discounts of up to € 300 per stateroom

The promotion includes a discount of up to € 300 per stateroom ( € 150 per person ) in its Basic rate to travel from December to November 2017 on its itineraries through the Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, Arab Emirates, Baltic and Fjords. The offer will be available until Monday, November 28 at Costacruceros.es.

VUELING: 2 50% tickets on all routes

The airline based in Barcelona offers a discount of 50% on the purchase of 2 tickets (ie for the same flight) on all its routes, to travel between December 13 and March 31 (except for the periods of December 20 to 9 of January and of the 17 of February to the 4 of March). You can check this promotion that is only available today , on the Vueling page.

RYANAIR: Discounts of 20% on 10 million seats

The Irish airline has taken advantage of Back Friday to launch a powerful promotional campaign, the largest in its history with discounts of 20% in ten million seats. The action, which began at the beginning of the week and will continue until Monday, the so-called Cyber ​​Monday , includes offers of 24 hours of tickets at a very low price Ryanair.com.

RENFE: Discounts of up to 70% on AVE and long distance

The company offers discounts that can reach 70% on certain promotional rates to travel from December to February on AVE and long distance trains. You can check this offer, available from today until December 2 at Renfe.es.

PARADORES DE ESPAÑA: Rooms at € 66 and € 72

The Paradores of Spain offer promotional rates for stays, between November 30 and April 7, 2017, with some exceptions on specific dates, in reservations made until November 29. The offer includes rates from 66 euros for stays from Sunday to Friday (72 € on weekends) in certain establishments and other special rates. It is recommended to check the reservation details of each hostel on their website.

VAYACRUCEROS: 7% discount on reservations over € 1,000 + free insurance

During this day the promotion includes discounts of 7% + free insurance on all cruise reservations of more than € 1,000 per person. Until November 28 ( Ciber Monday ) a daily offer of 24 hours will be published. That day all of them will be publicized. To access the discounts, consult here.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN: Up to $ 200 onboard credit

The cruise company offers up to $ 200 of credit on board vessels that depart as of December 25 . The promotion is valid from today until next November 28. Check the conditions at Royalcaribbean.es.

AVIS: 21% discount in specific periods

Avis España offers a 21% discount on vehicle bookings of between 5 and 13 days that take place until Sunday, November 27 , with check out between November 21 and December 10 and from January 1 to 31. The promotion is only valid by completing the process through the website or by calling 902 180 854.

Una de las habitaciones del Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos (Santiago)

AVANZABUS: Discount coupons redeemable up to 50% on the next purchase

The company offers today with the purchase of a ticket a 50% promotional code redeemable in the purchase of trips from November 26 to December 31. Avanzabus.com.

PANGEA: Gift vouchers of € 25 and € 50

Until next Monday, Pangea gives 30,000 checks worth € 25 and € 50, to discount in a leisure plan or any trip in reservations until the end of the year to anyone who physically approaches this store in Madrid.