Backpack Packing List for Long Distance Travel (Tropics)

Backpack Packing List for Long Distance Travel (Tropics)

I pack my backpack and take with me … Yes, what’s the best? And what, above all, not? Here you can find out what is on my backpack packing list for a long trip to the tropics or in warm areas, when it finally means: paradise I come!

This is my packing list for my Zanzibar travel has done great services. Overall, I came to 11 kg of luggage. I did not take much more with me on my trip around the world . This packing list fits so well for all tropical travel!

The first time I flew to Thailand , I still had 18 kg on my back, which was clearly too much. My tip: Take clothes for about one to a maximum of two weeks and wash rather locally – is for small money almost everywhere possible (eg in Laos , Bali or Thailand ).

Info: My following product recommendations are linked to the Amazon Store. If you order something, we get a small commission. We thank you very much for that already.

Backpack-Packliste für Fernreisen wie Thailand oder Sansibar

Backpack Packing List: 1. The Traveling Facilities

  • My recommendation for a backpack backpack: For two years I had a ladies trekking backpack Deuter (60 + 10 liters), which I   for the world trip against a 40 + 10 liter Deuter backpack for ladies * exchanged. (Note: at the moment, you can only buy it in red in Amazon – see here). The place is enough for me completely, the larger backpack was always filled only to 2/3. My friend travels with his trekking backpack from McKinley (65 + 10 liters) . The last major trip (2 months) we started only with carry-on luggage and have used our well-tried 28-liter backpack .
  • Clothes Bag Set : So you can find everything quickly. I have a copy of Hopeville. There are 3 clothes bags in different sizes + a shoe bag + a dirt bag with it. Practically, because I z. For example, when packing underwear in a bag, they do not always fly criss-cross through the backpack.
  • Day backpack for tours , beach trips , etc. Pay attention to the width of the straps, so they do not cut during long walks. I’m on gym bags, but they hurt pretty much sometime.
  • if necessary water-resistant bag (“dry bag”) for snorkeling trips, so camera & Co. do not get wet (you can buy in Thailand, for example, locally.) We have our from Ao Nang .).
  • Micro fiber towel – saves a lot of space and dries super fast.
  • Inflatable neck pillow – perfect for at least a little sleep on the flight while not giving away much space in the backpack.
  • snorkel equipment if necessary – you usually get that with every snorkel excursion, but if you want to snorkel alone, I recommend you take a small equipment with you.
  • Sunglasses 😉

Backpack Packing List: 2. Technical Equipment

  • possibly notebook
  • SLR camera, z. Our Canon model 700d with a 17-70mm lens . Alternative: 50mm lens (fixed focal length + aperture 1: 1.8 – is relatively cheap at just under 100 euros, light and handy, ideal for traveling.) And really makes really great pictures (but you can not zoom): → More photography tips
  • 2 memory cards
  • IPhone – with the newer versions you can take beautiful photos. Already enough for the hobby holiday photography, if you can do without mirror reflex. Elisa also recommends this water protection for the smartphone to take pictures while snorkeling.
  • If necessary, adapter or travel plug (eg for Zanzibar – ( type G + D ) and Mexico ( type A ). Also check out beforehand if your laptop charging stack fits into the plug device.

Backpack Packing List: 3. The right clothes for traveling to Thailand & Co.

Long clothes for the flight, in the evening and for religious reasons:

  • 2x leggings / slumber pants (I take two with me, because I do a lot of yoga)
  • 2x long sleeved shirt / thin sweaters
  • 1x thin cardigan
  • 1x sarong / big cloth – usable as beach towel, scarf and skirt
  • 1x long skirt (more airy than a pair of jeans))
  • 1x thicker cardigan for the flight
  • 2x shorts
  • if necessary short skirt and / or airy dress
  • 3x T-shirts (loose fitting)
  • 6x tops (loose, wide)
  • Underwear , 2 pairs of socks ( possibly also thick socks) for the flight, 2 pairs of booties for the sneakers, underpants
  • 2x bikinis / swimsuits
  • 1x comfortable sneakers / fabric shoes (depending on what kind of holiday you are doing and whether you are walking / hiking a lot).
  • 1x flipflops / birch sticks
  • swimming shoes (eg for Zanzibar and Croatia , where there are sea urchins, stones and corals on the beach, but there is hardly any protection for a kick on a sea urchin, so always keep your eyes open despite swimming shoes!)

And that’s not on my backpack pack list for a tropical trip or summer vacation:

An extra pair of shoes that I’m just taking with me because it looks nice. I threw away a pair of sandals on my Thailand tour on the second day because they were scrubbing.

For me: Less is more, farther / airier is better and white is beautiful, but also unwise (stains from the sunscreen, sweat, etc. – you get out bad).

Backpack Packing List: 4. Travel Safety

We got this safety box, disguised as a sunscreen , to stash money and credit cards on the beach. Looks really deceptively real. Unfortunately, the phone does not fit in. That’s a disadvantage.

Also included: Belly bag for the valuables.

Backpack Packing List: 5th Travel First Aid Kit

  • Mosquito Repellent (for tropics, eg No Hum ! ) – is available in every pharmacy. For two we consumed in Zanzibar in 2 weeks 1.5 bottles.
  • Malaria prophylaxis for areas in which malaria risk exists. In any case, go to the doctor first and inform you about necessary vaccinations. We have had worse experiences with the family doctor and would definitely recommend to go to Impfcentrum or tropical institute. They know exactly what vaccinations you need and have every vaccine in stock.
  • Paracetamol against fever and pain (Aspirin and Iboprofen I do not take anymore, because the intake can be dangerous, for example, in dengue fever)
  • Iberogast for the stomach (bloated stomach, discomfort), as well as diarrhea and anti-inflammatory tablets
  • Disinfectant spray and plaster
  • Oropax
  • I always have bladder tea and stomach tea with me
  • Nasal spray (if you have a cold, especially important for the flight, so that the eardrum remains intact)

You can order over-the-counter medicines also easy online. On you will find a good overview of online pharmacies (including comparison and rating).

Backpack Packing List: 6. Cosmetics / Skin Care

  • 2 x natural cosmetics sunscreen (for 2 people and a two-week trip, often comparatively expensive abroad)
  • smaller tube of après cream
  • small organic shampoo and small shower gel (usually you get everything in the bungalows / guesthouses and otherwise there are also supermarkets, where you can buy the most necessary). ADDENDUM: In Thailand we got free toiletries in every accommodation, in Zanzibar nowhere. So it always depends on where you go.
  • For women: make-up, base make-up (for me: mascara, powder, rouge, concealer)
  • Hand mirror, tweezers, nail file
  • contraceptive
  • scrunchy
  • hairbrush
  • razor
  • Deocréme without aluminum
  • Electric toothbrush and small toothpaste

And that does not belong on my backpack packing list for a tropical trip or summer vacation: liquid make-up, face cream (I shine enough already!), Hair dryer / straightener / curling iron & Co. (Zopfgummi is much more important!), Nail polish (liquefies in the heat).

Tip: In Bali and Thailand , I always buy coconut oil and use it for all sorts of things: make-up removal, lipbalm, lotion.

Backpack Packing List: 7. Important Documents

  • if necessary visa ( for Zanzibar see here )
  • vaccination certificate
  • if necessary (international) driver’s license
  • Passport (should be valid for 6 months upon arrival, min.)
  • Credit card – Elisa and I can recommend our DKB credit card , with which you as a new and active customer can withdraw cash anywhere for free . It works like a prepaid card (you have to transfer money before), so nobody can clear your whole account. Here you can open a free DKB account * . Note: Fees, which are due by the governments at the machine, refunded the DKB since 01.06.2016 unfortunately no more (eg in Thailand). More information in our credit card comparison.
  • Bank card (if you lose your credit card) and bank documents (tan lists etc.)
  • International health insurance (I can highly recommend the HUK-COBURG * as an insurer: In Mexico , I got fever and stomach problems, so a doctor had to come to our accommodation.The doctor and drug costs were reimbursed me immediately after the documents were submitted by the HUK-COBURG. Cost: about 10 euros per year for one person.)
  • Copy / scans of all documents (best on USB stick )

By the way: All the tips that helped us scrape together enough money for a trip around the world are revealed in our free e-book: 52 savings tips for travelers 52 saving tips - save money for a trip around the world

Backpack Packing List: 8. Books, Pastime and Useful

So far I have not brought a Kindle (although the Kindle Paperwhite has been recommended to me from many places), because I love books so much. But since I devour at least three books on a two-week trip, I’m really thinking hard about buying an eReader soon.

Update 2017: I have a Kindle now and I do not want to miss it anymore. Still, I still take books with me on trips, but when they are read out, I buy now and then a new piece of jewelry on the shop. There are always cheap offers from 1.99 euros.

In addition, I find the small-format books of the Fischer Taschenbibliothek super. Although there are not all the pamphlets in this travel-friendly version, but I think that’s not bad. Because I often read novels that I would not otherwise have had on the screen.

Personal tip: I take at least 1 novel on each trip, which plays on site and thus brings me closer to the history, nature and culture of the place.

Here are a few of my favorite books to travel:

  • Sightseeing , Narratives of Rattawut Lapcharoensap (Thailand)
  • The big deal, Meike Winnemuth (trip around the world, beautifully written, makes you want to start immediately)
  • The cafe on the edge of the world , John Strelecky (Live your own dreams, makes you think)
  • Something from there , Tino Hanenkamp ( Hamburg , festivals)
  • Veronika decides to die , Paulo Coelho (Ljubljana, makes positive thoughts)
  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry , Rachel Joyce (England, Hiking, My Favorite Book!)
  • Do you want to be normal or happy? Robert Betz (Positive Psychology)
  • San Miguel , TC Boyle (San Miguel, California – Attention: Moody but wonderfully written)
  • All books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon ( Barcelona )
  • 111 reasons to love Portugal , Annegret Heinold (more of a tour guide, but makes such cravings in Portuga l)
  • Tschick , Wolfgang Herrndorf (Road Trip)

Also on every trip:

  • Small, light notebook for all the thoughts and ideas that come to my mind.
  • Head lamp – it is always good to have a little light for the night-time way home. 🙂 And now I use the lamp as my bedside lamp …
  • Life Straw bottle plus filter – we got worried in the fall of 2017 for our trip to Bali and Lombok , but ultimately only took the bottle and not the filter. Because the support could not tell us if we should pay attention in Bali because of volcanic deposits in the water. In Thailand z. For example, we have met travelers who have been filtering the tap water for several weeks, and then drinking it. Alternatively great to save plastic: BPA-free foldable bottle – I have not yet, but I will definitely plug in for the next trip. More: Sustainable travel – my tips

Packing list for hand luggage

The leggings, a thin sweater, cardigan, cloth and fabric shoes from my backpack packing list, I already pull on the plane. In addition, I take in hand luggage:

  • Nackenhörnchen
  • Notebook + guidebook + novel (and pens)
  • All important documents + credit card
  • Microfibre towel + small Shower gel + toothbrush and toothpaste
  • 1 thick pair of socks
  • Camera / Smartphone

I hope I could give you some suggestions for your backpack packing list. Have fun on your journey!

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