How a travel assistance insurance works

How a travel assistance insurance works

Know in this article how to cover your back to an unforeseen event and what to do if something happens to you abroad

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If you plan a trip abroad , it may be interesting that you should hire travel insurance for this purpose. With this type of policy, not only will you have unforeseen health coverage, but also, you can receive financial compensation for loss of luggage or delays in your flights.

Learn from BBVA in this article what it offers you and how a travel assistance insurance works. So, in your next getaway, you can focus only on what is really important: enjoy the trip.

The profile of a travel assistance insurance

Whether one travels a lot or sporadically, travel assistance insurance can be a great help, if necessary, to get out of an unexpected mishap without major hassles. An unforeseen health and a travel delay can make you have a hard time, and in some cases, become an economic impairment.

First of all, the most important thing is health and, therefore, travel insurance will help you to meet medical expenses arising from an emergency. In many parts of the world, the health system is governed privately, so naturally you will be taken care of if something happens to you, but once the treatment is finished you will have to face an invoice. If you have travel insurance, however, coverage will cover medical fees or hospitalization expenses , as well as, if necessary, the costs of transporting the patient. An assistance insurance, in addition, will provide you by telephone the necessary guidelines to act correctly if something happens.

In addition, there are other contingencies when traveling merely logistics, for example, related to luggage . If you lose a suitcase, but you have travel insurance, this will refund an amount in case of loss, damage or theft during the trip, which is an important help in these situations. In many policies, in addition, the possibility of compensating the traveler economically in case of a delay in the trip is contemplated.

Therefore, without a doubt, travel insurance is a practical and simple way to deal with any unforeseen situation abroad.

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The operation of a travel assistance insurance

Travel insurance can be accessed through two main routes: hiring a travel insurance policy or registering a credit card.

  • The travel insurance policy . With this type of policy, the traveler pays the insurance premium in exchange for the coverages offered by the insurance. During the term of the contract, unless certain deficiencies are set there, the protection is activated from the first moment and coverage takes place whenever the policyholder is outside the habitual residence. Given that the coverage is global, there are different ways in which the insured can contact their insurer if needed. So, either by phone, email or through an app, it is advisable to contact immediately, because, if necessary, the insurance operator will tell the insured what to do in the event of an accident.
  • The insurance of the credit card . The most prestigious credit cards, for example a Gold Visa, offer their clients a travel assistance insurance of similar characteristics to the policies of use. In these cases, however, their operation is a bit different. The activation of the insurance here is punctual and takes effect only in the case that the trip in question is paid in full with this credit card. In other words, you do not pay a premium for insurance here, but on the contrary, you agree to pay for all your travel (flights, hotels, etc.) with the card you own. So, if you need help, the first thing you have to do is contact an operator of your credit card that will tell you how to act. In most cases, if for example you have to go to the doctor or you need an ambulance, you must first make the corresponding payment and, afterwards, the insurance company that collaborates with your credit card will reimburse you ( according to the conditions set in the insurance of your card).

Whatever happens, therefore, the important thing in case of unforeseen event is to contact the insurer in question immediately, as this will tell you what to do and provide you with timely help to solve your problem.

When do I need travel assistance insurance?

The question of the operation of travel insurance goes hand in hand with the question of when this insurance is really needed. The answer is ambiguous: it depends.

On the one hand, every beneficiary of Social Security can have the European Health Card (TSE), which will be served in any public institution of the Union. This card, however, will not cover the expenses derived from private assistance, which is widespread in many member countries, nor will it cover certain aspects such as salvage or repatriation expenses. Therefore, if skiing in the Alps you have to rescue a helicopter, you must pay that invoice.

The TSE, likewise, does not have validity outside Europe either, so if you travel to a country outside the Union, you will be without coverage. On the other hand, however, if your trip is paid in full with a credit card and this card is a Gold or Platinum card , then with that payment you may have activated an attendance insurance immediately. Therefore, in that case, you would not need to take out an extra travel policy. The question is: Where do you travel? What service do you want to obtain? What card do you have?

Maybe take a look at help you clarify in this regard. Firstly, because you will find the insurance you need, such as the BBVA Travel Insurance, with which, in addition to unforeseen health problems, you will also ensure possible delays or loss of luggage for only € 1 a week. This policy, however, although it does not limit the number of trips and destinations, it does work with economic limits. Therefore, in case you travel a lot, you may be interested in hiring a first card, such as the BBVA After Gold Card, with which, in addition to the best financial benefits, you will always hire an Accident Insurance whenever you use it. in Travel of up to € 760,000 and Travel Assistance Insurance.