Prepare your car before traveling

Prepare your car before traveling

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Now come the most anticipated days of the year, those in which you give yourself a time to rest and to live together with yours thousands of special moments, without stress, under the sun, on the beach or in the mountains, where you choose.

There’s nothing left for you to enjoy your vacation!

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Do you have everything prepared? The place of destination, the hotel, the clothes, the accessories, the documentation … And the car ?

The trip is one of the most important elements of the holidays. It depends on your family, friends and you come to your place of rest and fun. It is essential that the vehicle is comfortable and above all safe.

Has your car passed the ITV ? Have you already solved that small problem that can be giving you so much? Does the vehicle have a powerful air conditioner to withstand the heat of these days? All these issues are very important. Do not forget that your safety and well-being depend on it during the journey!

And if you’re letting it go by not being able to afford more expenses …

Stop postponing! Not only is your safety at stake, but also that of the people who accompany you and the rest of the citizens.

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The holidays are a highly anticipated stage throughout the year and for this reason we must take care of every detail, every moment and every situation. If you are passionate about driving and enjoy road trips you should prepare your car so that the journey is as light and comfortable as possible. And why not … you can also treat yourself and make it beautiful! Do you want to show off your car with your family and friends? Move around the streets of your favorite city in a car that looks new? Well do not imagine too much, make it happen! Go to your trusty workshop and change the color of the car or add new tires. Ink the back moons so that sunlight does not bother you or change the upholstery . And the music team ? Have you thought that on a long trip it is very important to be clear and wide awake? Listen to your favorite music and not only will you enjoy a much more enjoyable trip, you will also avoid falling asleep at the wheel! Get a powerful music system with which to have a great trip.

Do you have to pass the ITV before going on vacation? Do you want to do it for safety? Well, here we leave you all the information you need to know:


-When should I pass the ITV?

This data depends on the vehicle. Depending on the type the vehicle will have a shorter or longer period without the need for inspection. Here we leave you a small list:

1. Cars and motorhomes. Ambulances and public service vehicles : These vehicles have up to 4 years, in which they are exempt. From 4 to 10 years, the review is biennial, that is, it must be passed every two years. And vehicles that are more than 10 years old, must go through an annual review.

2. Mopeds: They can be up to 3 years without passing the ITV. If the moped has more than 3 years old, it must pass the review every two years.

3. Motorcycles : If the motorcycle is new it can be 4 years without passing the ITV. With more than 4 years old, the inspection will be biennial.

4. Rental vehicles and driving schools: Exempt up to 2 years. From 2 to 5 years the review must be carried out annually. If the vehicle has more than 5 years, the ITV will be passed biannually.

5. Buses and coaches: If they are less than 5 years old, the inspection must be done annually. If they have more than 5 years old, the ITV will be passed on a semi-annual basis.


What is the cost of the review?

The price of this mechanical revision ranges from 30 to 50 euros , in addition to adding the cost of serious defects that you must repair within 15 days, so that your car can continue to circulate.

According to the autonomous community, the amount to be paid varies. And it also influences the type of fuel in the vehicle, in those who use gasoline, for example, there is another factor to take into account that is the catalyst, vehicles without gasoline catalyst will have a lower price.

The prices that we are going to show are approximate, correspond to the rates of the year 2014, so they are merely indicative.

In Andalusia are 30 euros if it is gasoline and 40 diesel if the car has more than 1600cc if it has less gasoline are between 22 and 26 and diesel 30 euros.

In Aragon between € 31 and € 35 gasoline and diesel cars about 45 euros.

In Asturias the price is 34 euros for all types of vehicles.

In the Balearic Islands between 24 and 32 cars with gasoline and between 46 and 48 diesel vehicles.

In the Canary Islands between 27 and 32 gasoline and € 40 diesel.

In Cantabria the price of the ITV for a gasoline car is between 34 and 43 euros, diesel 48 €.

In Castilla la Mancha between 27 and 35 euros gasoline vehicles and 45 euros diesel.

In Castilla y León the price for gasoline cars is between 37 and 46 euros. For diesel 55 euros.

In Catalonia the ITV for gasoline vehicles costs between 35 and 36 euros and for diesel cars 41 €.

In Ceuta gasoline cars between 31 and 43 euros and diesel € 52.

In the Valencian Community ; gasoline between 33 and 40 €, diesel € 51.

In Extremadura, the price of ITV does not vary, it is the same for both gasoline vehicles and those that use diesel. The exact price is € 26.19

In Galicia pass the ITV if your car is gasoline will cost between 30 and 35 euros, and if you use diesel € 43.

In the Rioja; Gasoline: € 31.47 Diesel: € 40.86

In Madrid; gasoline: € 36 diesel: € 52

In Melilla the revision for gasoline cars costs between € 27 and € 32 and for diesel cars € 37.

In Murcia the ITV for gasoline cars go between 23 and 35 euros, and for diesel cars between 40 and 49 euros.

In Navarra the price is the same for all vehicles: € 29.40

In Basque Country the price is also the same regardless of the type of vehicle: € 42.83


What is the price of fines for ITV?

Circular without ITV can leave you more expensive: Besides having to pay a fine between 200 and 500 euros, it is dangerous to drive in these conditions.

These are the sanctions that you face:

Fine for ITV expired : 200 euros.

Fine for not passing the ITV : 200 euros.

Fine for circulating with a negative ITV : 500 euros

Calculate how much money you need and enjoy your rest days!

Live your trips safely and comfortably.

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