Thierry Colin

Thierry Colin’s apiary

Hives A roof for Thierry’s bees.

In Alsace, Thierry works with Zander hives for which he supplies himself in Germany.
Indeed, there are several types of hives allowing beekeepers to choose the one that suits him best in terms of practicality but also the most adapted to its constraints.
Thus, the Zander is rather small format but allows during the harsh winters to have a smaller volume and is thus easier to heat than a large volume.

Also, Thierry has renovated a covered apiary , a real house that will soon welcome new residents.

In regions with large temperature differences (continental climate), it is widely used because hives are more sheltered in the open air and have less to suffer from cold weather; This is how it is found in eastern France, Switzerland and Germany.

For the beekeeper, it facilitates the work, not being bothered by bees coming and going outside.
He can visit his beehives in all weather conditions, which is interesting in the spring, for the supply of provisions and in autumn for wintering.

Hives being closer and without a roof, the operations, gesture are generally faster, knowing that the number of hives is more important in this type of restricted space.

The protective suit is less useful than in the open air, the bees coming out of the open hive going directly to the openings and the light.

In addition, colonies sheltered from the weather, are also undesirable visitors, which is not negligible for isolated apiaries, thefts being more and more widespread.

It can also be said that the hives, sheltered from the weather: rain, wind, sun, will be less strained and will continue unparalleled with those established in the open air.


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