Why is it better to travel alone?

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“Some trips in life can only be done alone.”

– Ken Poirot

Today, attitudes towards solo travel have changed and, in fact, have quickly become the preferred way for many to travel.

The survey says …

In May, Booking.com published a survey of 20,500 travelers that revealed an increase in solo travel. 40% of the so-called baby boomers said they had made a solo trip last year, while an additional 21% said they planned to do so in the future.

The results of the Holiday Habits survey conducted by the British travel association ABTA showed that one in nine respondents had spent their vacations on their own in the last 12 months, twice as many as six years ago.

Hostelworld’s data shows a 42% increase over the last two years in solo travel bookings, including a 45% growth in solo women bookings between 2015 and 2017.

In addition, the UK online behavioral research tool Hitwise analyzed searches conducted by 3 million British consumers and found that there was a 143% increase in “solo travel” searches over the past three years.

Find yourself

Keep in mind that traveling alone can change your life.

It is common to hear those who have traveled alone talking about “finding themselves” while traveling. Solo trips allow us to explore our internal and external worlds. It takes us out of our comforts, and we enter into fear of new things. Solo trips allow us to be calm enough to listen to our own voices, and simply be.

Search challenges

It is so rewarding to travel alone, as to overcome your challenges. Usually, there are three concerns for solo travel. The first is security. Some places are safer than others, and some places are safer than others for lonely travelers. The selection of the correct destination is, of course, a key factor in reducing security problems. Europe has long been considered the best continent for solo travel.

Disorientation is usually the second concern for those who travel alone. How do I get to this or that place? Am I going in the right direction? Who will take care of my belongings or suitcases?

The third challenge for travelers traveling alone is spending. The fact is that when traveling as a couple or with family or friends, it is cheaper since you can share the costs of hotels and other expenses. Lonely travelers spend an average of 50% extra on accommodation.

You are the boss

The advantages of traveling alone will always overcome any challenge. In the survey mentioned above by ABTA, almost half of the respondents said that the best thing about traveling alone was to be in charge of your own schedule. Another 21% said that the best thing was that they encouraged them to meet new people.

Some more reasons why you have to travel alone:

  • Exit your comfort zone
  • You have control of where you go and when
  • You have control of your own finances and budget
  • You plan your itinerary
  • You decide what to see and do and for how long
  • You can be more spontaneous

So, where are you going to travel?

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